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Party Information

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26 Re: Party Information on Fri Jul 23, 2010 3:44 pm


Fallen LogLord
Fallen LogLord
You guys can just MSN or email me your character info if you want me to update the first post.

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27 Re: Party Information on Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:13 am

Dibrok wrote:Keith I need halp log on quick k?

Sounds like Brandon helped you out, but again if any of you have any questions about the campaign/rules/etc just post away.

By the way, tentative date for campaign start is Saturday July 31. Very much subject to change, though I have the vast majority of things lined up. To answer Joe's query, I would like to have at least one session at my place, reason A being that you guys can out my new digs Very Happy and reason B to see how you like it as a D&D spot.

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28 Re: Party Information on Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:48 am


Fallen LogLord
Fallen LogLord
Show us a google map. No one has a clue where you live.

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29 Re: Party Information on Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:13 am

Shaithis wrote:Show us a google map. No one has a clue where you live.

What a Face


Address is 4206 Valleyview Park SE. There is a street, 26A street, that connects off 34th Ave and into my building complex. I'm in the 4000 building, 2nd floor (you have to call me niggas to let you in)

From the NW...
Option A: Crowchild > 16th > Deerfoot > 26th St/34th Ave. If you didn't know there is gay-as-hell construction on deerfoot south though so...
Option B: Crowchild > Glenmore > Barlow > Peigan > 26th St/34th Ave. A bit longer but not as horrible of construction (still some construction) (fuck construction) (see why I moved?)

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30 Re: Party Information on Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:17 pm

I am not sure how active Cavan is on these boards, someone might want to let him know via other means. He is rarely on msn these days and I never open steam.

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31 Re: Party Information on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:49 pm

I'm gonna be like Joe and not edit this at all. Hell I didn't even proof read it.

A Deva. The ever living mortal.

This Deva has traveled to the farthest reaches of this land and beyond. Memories and glimpses of previous life times guide this Deva through the world. He is fluent in Common, Elven, and Primordial. Common is a language that has come naturally over the ages to this Deva. He has used it lifetime after lifetime to communicate with the human populations of the world. This Deva learned Elvish while hunting dragons with the Elves of the Mhair Jungles in a not so distant past life. Finally Primordial, the most interesting of the three was learned in another past life where the Deva spent a great deal of time on the elemental plain in an attempt to learn the ways of the elements and better understand their nature. Language is the only knowledge this Deva has kept of his past.

Deva's bare the imprint of a god, sometimes more than one, but this one bares the imprint of Pelor. Pelor, god of sun and summer, is the keeper of time and supports those in need while opposing all that is evil. This philosophy has served this Deva well as an Invoker of Pelor that travels the world to uphold Pelor’s wishes and banish all that is evil in the world while protecting those in need. Bloodshed and murder are not a breach of faith when committed to defend those in need.

Reborn on the highest peaks of the Sunrise Mountains this Deva has set out once more to bring the light of Pelor to the world and to help those in need. This has been the way he has lived in each of his prior lifetimes and now he will continue to do so. Shortly after being reborn this Deva encountered another Deva on the shores of Lake Ashane who was nearing the end of her lifetime. She was the first Deva he had met and they camped together that night on the calm shores of the lake. She wore robes of dark green similar to that of the trees around the lake. The robes seemed to flow around her body and bore wing attachments similar to that of an angel, although purely for decoration, these were the robes of their people. The following morning his new found companion was gone, he knew that she had passed on and was being reborn somewhere else in the world. All that remained were her robes. When he picked up these robes they changed to a glowing orange like a setting sun on a hot summer night, the same colour that made up the markings on his skin. The robes had passed to him.

For several years this Deva travelled the roads of Faerun vanquishing evil from the land and helping those in need. On a night, similar to the one he met the other, he entered a small village celebrating a festival and decided to stay the night. It was here he met his future companions while sitting around a fire in the large tent city.

These are the tales of a Deva.
Of an Invoker.
Of Ronin.

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32 Re: Party Information on Mon Jul 26, 2010 11:21 pm

Looks good, thanks for putting the time into making a back story dudes. Ideally you guys can bring up your stories during the actual story and make it one big story orgy. And don't worry, this isn't a spelling bee.

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33 Re: Party Information on Tue Jul 27, 2010 12:08 am

Did you want us to upload the character sheets as well?

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34 Re: Party Information on Tue Jul 27, 2010 8:22 pm

Dibrok wrote:Did you want us to upload the character sheets as well?

I would like to know as well

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35 Re: Party Information on Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:32 pm

I have not abandoned the cause. I have been a little distracted lately reading about global zombie wars and the history of man-kind and it's relationship with the cannabis plant. I assure you that I am working on my character and currently in the middle of writing his story for all you folks. It should be on the forum no later than thursday.

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36 Re: Party Information on Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:38 am

Don't worry too much about that Cavan. Keith will be away this weekend leaving us with after frag as the soonest possible date. We have tons of time.

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37 Re: Party Information on Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:56 pm

archon wrote:
Dibrok wrote:Did you want us to upload the character sheets as well?

I would like to know as well

Yes sure.

August 14 is the new tentative start date b/c I'm gay. Unless you guys want to go earlier... I'm OK with that, but we have to find a day that works for everyone (doubtful).

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38 Re: Party Information on Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:41 pm

Sorry if this turned out too long.


Name: Zellof
Race: Teifling
Language(s): Common, Primordial
Alignment: good
Class: Rogue
Gender: Male
Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Stealth, Streetwise, Thievery

Zellof was born and raised within a small commune of Teifling families, living nomadically in the forests of Ganathwood. Descendants of the grandchildren of the nobles who first made the dark pacted that gave birth to their race; retiring to the roots of their beginning, attempting to escape the darkness that was descending upon the world they once valued more than the dominion they had established. The commune has existed and survived in peace throughout the ages.

We meet Zellof at the age of 21 where he has spent more than half his life working for the good of his peoples prosperity and survival. Hunting the wilds, fishing the rivers of the lake of mists, ploughing and tending fields. Although Zellof spent most of his time tending to the needs of the commune he was not without an educated view of the world was surrounded by; the value of education was not lost on Zellof's people when they abandoned their privileged lives. He took a particular interest in understanding people, learning about all aspects of the civilizations of the world – past and present. With that understanding of peoples motives and desires, Zellof has always found that he has had a way with most people. Able to usually talk his way out of most corners and unpleasant situations. Although, utilizing his charm and intelligence to avoid confrontation was not always enough. Zellof found, like most societies, the bullish and extreme will always find a way to survive. Learning at an early age that if you don't have much to hit with, hit the right spot the first time or be more creative than your opponent.

At 21 Zellof is now faced with a choice that will alter the path that his life stream forever. In Zellof's village every person is made to determine for themselves what it is they desire out of life; be it to stay forever with their people and community, or seek the outside world that they have been brought up to know of but have never experienced. Having spent most of his life knowing that this day would come Zellof was still torn by the prospect never again knowing the calming sound of the breaze through the grand trunks of mighty green giants, or seeing the warming smile of those he cared for. But the draw to see the world first hand was too alluring. The only thing more terrifying to him than losing the familiar was never experiencing the unknown.

Zellof was now a wander of the world. Stopping in villages and towns to interact with the people and learn their customs, eagerly engaging in conversations about dream-fuelled ideals and notions of deeper understanding of the way the world operated. Although, throughout Zellof's travels things were not always about sharp-tongue debate. Settlements of society are often less 'accepting' of the unfamiliar and would have to rely on his wits and dexterous cunning to survive; always managing to keep an mindful view of the world he was now apart of. Zellof found that most of his time was spent observing and taking mental notes of re-occurring themes he had studied and was now witnessing first hand. The poor stay downtrodden and the rich make sure they stay that way. A theme Zellof was becoming all too familiar with. A theme that weighs heavily on Zellof with each instance he encounters. Never should ones aim be to exploit their fellow man for perpetual gain.

Having spent the last 11 months traversing the world, Zellof was at an impass. What did this first year in the world mean? What did he learn from it that he would want to see grow? And what to change? It was time to assign a purpose to his mortal odyssey. To decide another flexure in the stream of life. The answers came clearly and sincerely; dream-like imagery fuelled by events and experiences of the last year of this young mans life. Seeing the down and weak in need of a champion, an avenger of the just and true. To bear his skills as one man to help bring balance and prosperity to all those who are oppressed. But where to begin. How does one go about directing their energy to this goal. Pondering these, and other thoughts under the starlight sky Zellof could hear the sounds of a festival down in the hills below. Perhaps he will go and take the first step towards destiny.

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39 Re: Party Information on Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:21 pm

We still on for tomorrow night? How will car pooling work? I can drive anyone who makes their way downtown since I will probably be heading there straight from work.

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40 Re: Party Information on Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:59 pm

First, thanks for writing your profile Cavan. All the profiles and stories have been great so far and I'm looking forward to seeing these characters develop in game Smile

archon wrote:We still on for tomorrow night? How will car pooling work? I can drive anyone who makes their way downtown since I will probably be heading there straight from work.

Absolutely still on, I was thinking somewhere around 6:00 pm for a start time though please contribute your thoughts on this.

As a side note, I was kind of on the fence originally about it, but any spare dice/battle grid tiles/mini's that you can bring along will certainly help. (I may be missing my dice D:)

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