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Campaign One Session Reports - (Tentative) Start August 14

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So this thread is for information on the campaigns and all that great stuff

Session 1
Date: (Tenative) SaturdayAugust 14
Time: 6:00

Obviously this session will be character creation time/questions/all that good shit. Ideally we'll get some actual gameplay in but who knows

The first campaign is designed specifically to intoduce the rules to the players in an interactive way! SHOULD BE GOOD FUN, BRING YOUR GAMING CAPS!!

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Fallen LogLord
Fallen LogLord
Session Report 2 - Future.

We almost died due to falling/monsters/joe.

The End.

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Yeah I really should use this forum more. It just that after D&D I'm just like I AM SO TIRED PLEASE KILL ME and then wish for death.

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